Who we work with

Investment Partnership Program

The Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) was created by Law No. 13,334 of 2016 to expand and accelerate the transfer between the State and private enterprise for the first time of a partnership meeting and other measures of privatization.

With a law establishing the PPI, two columns were created in the Federal Administration: the PPI Council and a PPI Secretariat. The Council is the collegiate body that evaluates and recommends the President of the Republic the projects that integrate the PPI, deciding, also, on the issues related to the execution of the contracts of partnerships and desestatizations. The Secretariat, linked to the Ministry of Economy, acts in support of Ministries and Regulatory Agencies for the Execution of Program Activities.


Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency

The Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) is an autarchy linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, was created to regulate the Brazilian electricity sector, through Law No. 9,427 / 1996  and  Decree No. 2,335 / 1997.

ANEEL´s mission is to provide favorable conditions for the electricity market to develop in a balanced environment amongst agents, for the benefit of society.

ANEEL has as main duties:

  • Regulate the generation (production), transmission, distribution and sale of electricity;
  • Supervise , directly or through agreements with state agencies, the concessions, permissions and electric energy services;
  • Implement the policies and guidelines of the federal government regarding the exploitation of electric energy and the use of hydraulic potentials;
  • Establish tariffs;
  • Settle differences , at the administrative level, between agents and between those agents and consumers, and
  • Promote the activities of  granting concessions , permission and authorization of electric energy projects and services, by delegation of the Federal Government.


São José dos Campos Technology Park

The São José dos Campos Technology Park was created in 2006, and nowadays is the biggest complex of innovation and entrepreneurship in Brazil. Its mission is to promote science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, aiming at the competitive and healthy development of its institutions. To this end, the Park encourages cooperation between companies and research institutions to carry out research, development and innovation projects. It is a point of confluence of governments, universities, companies and society.


Brazilian Industry Association of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

Brazilian Industry Association of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient - ABIQUIFI- is a non-profit organization, founded in 1983, that congregates companies of the pharmaceutical and pharmochemical sector.

ABIQUIFI's purpose is to promote the national chain, through technical and regulatory advice, to achieve sustainable and competitive productivity at national and international levels, and to support the demand of the Brazilian population for high-quality products.


Direct Investments Ombudsman

The Brazilian channel for investors’ grievances and complaints.