Oil & Gas Numbers

#1 oil producer

Latin America

10th Largest

Oil producer in the world

15th Largest

Proven Oil Reserve

17,655 boe / day

Average productivity of a pre-salt well

The Brazilian Oil & Gas Sector

Brazil’s Oil&Gas industry is mature and innovative, offering amazing investment opportunities for companies of all sizes and expertise.  Ranked as the 10th among the world’s largest oil producers, the largest oil producer in Latin America, it is also in the 7th place as consumer market for oil products and services in the world.  The country has an outstanding market potential for experienced investors, international operators and service contractors, including companies of the supply chain from upstream to downstream. In 2021, the National Petroleum Agency will conduct an intensive calendar of bidding rounds and open acreage for E&P blocks and fields, offshore and onshore, besides the deregulation and privatization of the gas market, opening new opportunities for investors. Additionally, Petrobras divestment plan, launched in 2019, includes selling of eight refineries, onshore and conventional offshore productive operations, creating many opportunities for experienced companies and newcomers to Brazil.


Sector Highlights

  • #1 oil producer in Latin America.
  • 10th position among world’s largest producers, with a total of 3.1 million barrels / day (2.8% of the world total).
  • 15th largest proven oil reserve in the world, with a volume of 13.4 billion barrels.
  • 7th largest consumer of O&G products and services in the world: 3.1 million barrels / day (3.1% of the world total);
  • The average productivity of a pre-salt well is 17,655 (boe/day), which is 10 times higher than the productivity of a conventional offshore well;
  • 5 million barrels / day is the potential growth of the Brazilian Oil&Gas production by 2030.


  • Pre-salt offshore production represents 69.6% of Brazilian production 

  • Conventional offshore production represents 27.2% of Brazilian production

  • Onshore production represents 3.2% of Brazilian production

Investments in the Oil & Gas Industry and the Covid-19 Crisis.

Investments in the Oil & Gas Industry and the Covid-19 Crisis.

Interested in investing in the Brazilian oil and gas sector? Carlos Padilha, our investment officer, would like to share Apex-Brasil's analysis about the oil and gas industry in Brazil and the opportunities for FDI in the context of the coronavirus crisis.



Brazil is the new frontier of E&P investment opportunities in the Oil&Gas sector. To help investors understand how to participate in this year’s upcoming bidding rounds, Apex-Brasil held, on July 14th, 2021, a Webinar during which companies learned more about the calendar and interacted directly with specialized Brazilian authorities from: Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME); National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP); Energy Research Office (EPE) and Pré-Sal Petróleo (PPSA).

Keynote speakers covered especially the 2nd Transfer of Rights Surplus Production Sharing that includes the development areas of Sépia and Atapu, in the Santos Basin, one of the best business offers in Brazil.

Download the presentations and contact us to learn more about this unique opportunity to Invest in Brasil.


Doing Business With the Brazilian Onshore Environment

The “Doing Business on The Brazilian Onshore Environment” Guide is an initiative led by MME - Ministry of Mines and Energy, which had the collaboration of several institutions, within the scope of the Program for the Revitalization of Exploration and Production Activities of Oil and Natural Gas in Terrestrial Areas (REATE 2020).

Currently, the Brazilian production of oil and gas in onshore areas (onshore) is far below the potential identified in comparison with other producing countries, representing only 5% of the total production in Brazil. In addition, the profile of this type of investment has an impact on the economic and social development of the underprivileged regions, such as the North and Northeast of the country.

In summary, this publication aims to provide specialized technical information on the business and regulatory environment of the sector to facilitate the decision-making process, attract new investments and players interested in participating in exploration and production activities in onshore areas in Brazil (onshore).

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The Oil&Gas industry in Brazil is the new frontier of opportunities in the world. 

Apex-Brasil offers a full set of solutions to guide you through your project, either on greenfield or partnership projects with qualified Brazilian companies.  Our specialized support, expertise and network will reduce the risk and accelerate your market entry in Brazil.  Count on us! 


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The Brazilian Petroleum Partnerships (BPP) program is designed to attract investments by fostering partnerships between Brazilian and foreign companies of the Oil&Gas sector, promoting the integration of Brazil into the global supply chain. Contact us to see how your company can join!