Why Invest in Brazil?

USD 1.89 trillion


USD 8,958.57

GDP per Capita - 2018

USD 78.2 billion

FDI Inflow - 2019

1,202,134.22 million

Internal Consumption



146,090 thousand

Active Work Age Population

8,515,767 km²


USD 225.4 billion

Exports 2019

USD 177.3 billion

Imports 2019

USD 374,709 million

International Reserves 2018
Sectors To Invest

Aerospace Sector

Civil Aircraft
3rd Largest Producer
Brazilian Embraer is the world’s 3rd largest producer of civil aircraft.
USD 5.5 billion/year
Average aerospace exports

Aerospace Sector

Brazil is Latin America's top performer in the aeropace industry, according to Fitch's report (2018).

Agribusiness Sector

Brazilian GDP
of the Brazilian GDP (2018)
Brazilian Workforce
of the Brazilian workforce (2019)

Agribusiness Sector

With a modern, efficient and competitive agriculture, Brazil has become one of the world’s largest agricultural producers and exporters over the last two decades.


Automotive Sector

Direct and Indirect Jobs
1.3 milion
N. of direct and indirect jobs • 2019
Units Produced
2.94 milion
units produced in 2019

Automotive Sector

Brazil is the 8th world vehicle producer and has the 6th largest market for automotive, offering a highly developed auto market, which includes the presence of the world’s leading motor vehicle manufacturers across a wide range of segments.

Health and Life Sciences Sector

Pharmaceutical Market in the World
6th largest
pharmaceutical market in the world
Private Health Market in the World
3rd largest
private health market in the world

Health and Life Sciences Sector

Brazil has a great potential for those looking to diversify investments in Life Sciences, with a market that offers both scale and robust growth rates over the medium and long-term


Infrastructure Sector

transportation matrix by road
Transportation matrix by rail

Infrastructure Sector

Brazil, with an area of 8.5 million square kilometers (fifth largest country), relies heavily on logistics and transportation networks to guarantee its competitiveness and to keep growing.

Oil & Gas Sector

Latin America
#1 oil producer
in Latin America
Products and Services
7th Largest
largest consumer of O&G products and services in the world

Oil & Gas Sector

Brazil’s Oil & Gas industry ranked as the 10th among the world’s largest oil producers, the largest oil producer in Latin America.

Renewable Energy Sector

Renewable Energy Sector

Renewable energies
Largest power consumer and producer in the world.
Recipient of FDI
Recipient of FDI in renewables in Latin America • 2009 to 2018.

Renewable Energy Sector

Brazil has one of the cleanest electricity matrixes in the world with renewables representing over 80% of the country’s power generation capacity.

13 Unicorns
in 4 years
13,000 Startups
Over 13,000 Startups

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