Health and Life Sciences Numbers

75% of the population

Treated by Brazil's Universal Healthcare System


of Total Investments in R&D in the Country

6th largest

Pharmaceutical Market in the World

3rd largest

Private Health Market in the World

80 to 85 years old

Projected Life Expectancy

Health and Life Sciences in Brazil

Being one of the world's largest economies, with the sixth largest population on the planet (over 220 million people), Brazil still has about one-third of its population under the age of 20, while the average life expectancy is 76 years old. Estimates from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) indicate that, by 2060, people over 65 years old will account for 25.5% of the population

Brazil has both public and private healthcare systems. The universal public system, known as SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde), accounts for almost half of total healthcare spending and treats 75% of the population. Brazil is one of the few countries with a population of more than 100 million people that provides universal and free healthcare, and the challenges of operating a universal healthcare system in the world’s sixth-largest country by population are immense. Brazil also has the third largest private health market in the world, with expenditures of USD 102 billion, representing 55.6% of the total spent on health in the country. 

In addition, the market revenue for pharmaceutical companies grew 8% in 2018, to a total of BRL 103.4 billion (USD 28.3 billion), with some 60% of this coming from retail. Brazil is also a leading market for the production and consumption of generic drugs, which have price discounts of up to 65% compared to brand name drugs in the country. 

Brazil has a great potential for those looking to diversify investments in Life Sciences, with a market that offers both scale and robust growth rates over the medium and long-term. The fundamentals that drive the market in the Life Sciences industry include the size of Brazil’s population and consumer market, growing healthcare expenditures in both public and private services, and the gradual shift to an older population. Health expenditure in Brazil is estimated at USD 237 billion in 2018. In 2028, Brazil is expected to remain amid the top 10 markets, with estimated expenditures of USD 333.1 billion.


Sector Highlights

  • SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde) accounts for almost half of total healthcare spending and treats 75% of the population;
  • The health industry is among the most innovative in the world, and in Brazil it accounts for 35% of the total invested in R&D;
  • Brazil ranks as the 6th largest pharmaceutical market in the world;
  • Brazil has the third largest private health market in the world, with expenditures of USD 102 billion, representing 55.6% of the total spent on health in the country;
  • Life expectancy is projected to be 80 to 85 years old by 2060.


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Investment Guide to Brasil 2019

The Investiment Guide to Brasil combines essential information from various government sources with the objective of facilitating your understanding of Brazil, its economy, productive sectors, business climate and investment framework. This guide is designed to meet the needs of investors in different degrees of maturity when it comes to investing in Brazil. First, for potential investors, who may be unfamiliar with Brazil, the guide can be the perfect gateway to the myriad of investment opportunities currently available. It contains useful, fact-filled information, profiling Brazil’s economy and providing snapshots of major business opportunities in different productive sectors. Second, for investors ready to do business in Brazil and for existing investors seeking to expand their Brazilian operations, the guide also serves as a reference companion to Brazil’s investment framework, including guidelines on how to establish and run a business in the country and on government incentive programs to help expand businesses in selected industries.


Brasil Investment Forum

Brasil Investment Forum (BIF) is a federal government event hosted by the Brazilian President which aims to highlight investment opportunities in strategic industries in the Brazilian economy, such as infrastructure, energy, agribusiness and technology.

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