Aerospace Numbers

3rd largest

Producer of Civil Aircraft: Embraer

100% participation of foreign companies

Allowed in Domestic Airlines

5x growth

of Military Aircrafts Exports in 4 Years

USD 5.5 billion/year

Average Aerospace Exports

Brazil is Latin America’s top performer in the aerospace industry, according to Fitch's report (2018), developing complex and advanced technologies and employing a highly qualified workforce. The industry has a key role in national security, economy and technological development. Brazilian companies are involved in all stages of aeronautic, space and defense activities, including design & development, manufacturing, production, technology, sales, customer support, and aerospace services.

Brazilian products such as airplanes, helicopters, structural segments, engines, aircraft/engine parts, onboard systems and equipment, and air traffic control systems are developed locally and exported globally. At the heart of the aeronautical cluster is Embraer, which has grown to be one of the world’s largest commercial airplane manufacturer and leader in the regional aviation segment. Embraer is located in the state of São Paulo, in an aerospace cluster focused on applied scientific and technological production with more than 130 companies.


Sector Highlights

  • Brazilian company Embraer is one of the world’s largest commercial airplane manufacturer and leader in the regional aviation segment
  • Since 2019, foreign companies can own up to 100% of the capital of a Brazilian domestic airline
  • The number of Brazilian military aircrafts exported jumped from 20 in 2014 to 103 in 2018
  • Brazil holds the Alcantara Base, the closest launch center to the equator in the world
  • Brazil's exports in the segment maintain a USD 5.5 billion/year average

Investment Trackrecord

The aerospace industry experienced significant mergers and acquisitions activity over the last two years. The aerospace productive chain in Brazil has been the destination of greenfield and expansion investments from companies such as Advantech Wireless Technologies, Rockwell Collins, Rolls-Royce Holdings plc, Vertolety Rossii, Nauchno-proizvodstvennaya korporatsiya Irkut PAO and AgustaWestland.


Featured investment projects

  • The Gripen Design and Development Network (GDDN) was launched in 2016. It was opened at the Embraer production plant in Gavião Peixoto, São Paulo, as Gripen's technological development hub in the country. In late 2017, 110 development engineers were working at GDDN, approximately 90 of them are Brazilian.
    •  As Embraer, Akaer, AEL Sistemas, Atmos, DCTA and other companies benefit from the program JAS Gripen, Brazil will develop capabilities and generate knowledge for the development and maintenance of the most advanced multi-mission fighting aircraft in the world.

  • The Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano (A-29) is already operated by more than 17 Air Forces worldwide. The model is in the final stages of a bid for the purchase of a new US Air Force (USAF) light-attack aircraft.


Apex-Brasil and the Covid-19 crisis.

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Aerospace Brasil Project - for Brazilian Companies

Aerospace Brasil Project - for Brazilian Companies

Brazilian companies can get to know the Aerospace Brasil Project and learn about global trends in attracting foreign investments via partnerships by watching this video, which has the participation of FDI Analyst Gabriel Zimmer (available in Portuguese only).


Investment Guide to Brasil 2019

The Investiment Guide to Brasil combines essential information from various government sources with the objective of facilitating your understanding of Brazil, its economy, productive sectors, business climate and investment framework. This guide is designed to meet the needs of investors in different degrees of maturity when it comes to investing in Brazil. First, for potential investors, who may be unfamiliar with Brazil, the guide can be the perfect gateway to the myriad of investment opportunities currently available. It contains useful, fact-filled information, profiling Brazil’s economy and providing snapshots of major business opportunities in different productive sectors. Second, for investors ready to do business in Brazil and for existing investors seeking to expand their Brazilian operations, the guide also serves as a reference companion to Brazil’s investment framework, including guidelines on how to establish and run a business in the country and on government incentive programs to help expand businesses in selected industries.


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Can We Help?

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Apex-Brasil supports Aerospace companies that are not yet in Brazil and companies that are already established here. We also provide services for those looking for innovation development in Brazil.


Find a Brazilian partner

Since 2019 Apex-Brasil and the São José dos Campos Technology Park have a project aimed at fostering partnerships between foreign and Brazilian companies. The Park hosts the Brazilian aerospace cluster, with a solid and traditional presence among companies, universities, government, and all the relevant stakeholders. 

In October 2020, the project held a matchmaking session focused on the space industry. There will be another extensive matchmaking session on November 13th.

The project produced a portfolio with selected Brazilian companies that are ready to establish a partnership with a foreign company. To find a Brazilian partner, click on the link below.