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Highlights of the Brazilian Market

Sectors in Brazil


Brazil is the 4th world agricultural producer

Brazil has a suitable environment and conditions to increase its food production, combining 12% of the world’s water supply and one of the largest arable land areas in the world. Here, agricultural production is based on conservation practices and on the rational use of resources.

The country is expected to take on a larger role in global agricultural trade. FAO and OECD rank Brazil as the second largest global supplier of food and agricultural products, on the path to become the foremost supplier in meeting additional global demand.

Of the Brazilian GPD
Contribuition to global food production until 2050
Increase of main crops production in 40 years

Logistics and Minning

Brazil relies heavily on logistics and transportation networks to guarantee its competitiveness and to keep growing

The Brazilian government is working to modernize logistics, enhance the competitiveness of the productive sector and increase people's security and comfort. For that, the government is seeking private partners through attractive concession projects, implementing new risk treatment mechanisms, which represent approximately US$10 billion in investments.

In 2023, there are 51 planned projects related to airports, highways, ports, water infrastructure, parks and forests, urban mobility, sanitation and public lighting.

kilometers of road network
million tons of cargo transported in Brazilian ports in 2022
million TU transported in Brazilian railways in 2022

Energy Security

Brazil is 10th world’s largest oil producers

In 2021, the National Petroleum Agency will conduct an intensive calendar of bidding rounds and open acreage for E&P blocks and fields, offshore and onshore, besides the deregulation and privatization of the gas market, opening new opportunities for investors. Also, Petrobras divestment plan, launched in 2019, includes selling of eight refineries, onshore and conventional offshore productive operations, creating many opportunities for experienced companies and newcomers to Brazil.

oil producer in Latin America
largest proven oil reserve
largest oil producer in the world

Renewable Energies

Brazil has one of the cleanest electricity matrix in the world

Favored by the country’s size, plentifulness of resources, conducive policies and legal security, Brazil ranks as the 1st in Latin America and 3rd in the world in terms of the share of renewables in the energy matrix. Renewables represent over 80% of the country's power generation capacity. More than that, Brazil´s power market is massive: the country is also the largest player in Latin America and stands among the top 10 in the world.

recipient of FDI in renewables in Latin America – 2009 to 2022
of the world's renewable energy production comes from Brazil
world recipient of FDI in renewables, 2022

Social and Environmental Sustainability

Invest in Brazil

Sustainability has become a critical theme in Brazil, reflecting the country's vast natural resources and its challenges in preserving them. Brazil's commitment to sustainability is evident in its efforts to combat deforestation in the Amazon rainforest and promote renewable energy sources like hydropower.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) trends in sustainability are expected to be on the rise in Brazil in the coming years. Investors are increasingly interested in opportunities related to clean energy, reforestation projects, and sustainable agriculture, recognizing both the financial potential and the global imperative to address climate change. As the world focuses more on sustainability, Brazil is poised to attract FDI that contributes to both economic growth and environmental preservation.

Venture Capital & Private Equity

Unlocking opportunities, fueling growth

The segment dynamism is related to the growing amount of capital committed for investments in the country. The volume has significantly increased over the years, giving Brazil the leader position in the region. Considering regional venture capital performance in Latin America by managers, angels and corporates, Brazil has represented 50% of the deals made in the region in the past decade.

These large-scale investments underscore Brazil's growing reputation as a hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as its attractiveness to international investors seeking high-growth opportunities in various sectors, from technology to healthcare, fueling the country's economic development and job creation.

Over 220
fund managers
of the capital comes from international investors
Over 22,000

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ApexBrasil is the Brazilian government’s trade and investment promotion agency. Regarding the investment activity, we support international investors as they analyze the opportunities to establish a plant in Brazil, start a partnership with a Brazilian company, or commit capital to Brazil through funds and companies. Our goal is to satisfy investors needs and generate results as we attract technology, innovation, new companies, and create jobs in Brazil.

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Porto Central aims to be a new world-class industrial port complex in Brazil. In the past 12 months, we developed a great partnership with Apex-Brasil. With it, international missions were held in China and Middle East and promising business contacts were made. Apex-Brasil is nationally and internationally supporting and promoting the project to potential partners, investors and financiers. We expect to strengthen this partnership both in short and long-term perspectives!
José Maria Vieira de Novaes
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Apex-Brasil supported our innovation project providing relevant information to identify potential local partners and seize competitive advantages to invest in Brazil. Thus, decision-making process became more assertive, making the investment on local manufacturing feasible.
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